Three lazy days filled mostly with food (and food and food) lots of people and many cats and dogs. Those kind of days when you don't really know if it is noon or evening, but it doesn't matter.

 Dinner preparations on the jetty. A few seconds after this my iphone took a dive in the Finnish Bay...

(Iphone recovering from it's minutes under water and the quick sweet water dip wash afterwards. I am rather amazed that it actually works normally now. Phew!)

Dag and my brother-in-law(-to-be) going WEEEEEEH!

 Dag were the dogs best friend, well, after dinner at least; the spot under his chair being their favorite.

Matching tracksuits are so last millennium - matching ponchos are The Thing!
(Also, apparently, shaving for a months is also tha thang every time it's summer.)

Forget me nots. My favorite flower when I was small.

The boys got a little wind in the end.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the so called super moon. Quite magic actually. (This is taken around 4:am)

And on Sunday evening just before going home this strange sunny total white-out fog hit us, totally managing to hide out the background from everything, even the big harbor behind the bend.