I'm continuing with my quest to dig in the depths of my wardrobe wear as much as possible during the summer: This dress is my grand-aunt's old and I have had it for a very long time. I used it last time one day during 2008 and the time before -the first time- when I graduated from the 9th grade ( I remember having had big curls in my hair from curlers and wearing those bonzo platform sandals of the late nineties, uh, with it); which means I've used it once every eight years so far. So yes, it was a fair idea to let it out in the sun again.

It's, ahem, rather short and I've felt it's not really me because of that but then again what the heck; why not! I wore it with black hotpants underneath for those just-in-case moments. And painted myself some candy nails to go along.