(Dag licking raw-bar spoon.)
It's funny how your mind works. I am at home all days with my baby, and try to get done what I can when he is napping, which of corues is not a lot. So some afternoons and early evenings after work Eddi takes Dag along to the countryside, or goes on a walk with him so I can stay alone and do some work, clean up or go to the gym and so on. And as great as it feels to "get rid of the kid" for a little while I go about half an hour on my own before start thinking "I wonder what they are doing now" and missing my little chubby one (especially if I am away a bit longer for a gig; then I always call to check that "everything is alright" and a slightly annoyed husband answers YES).

(Food-gooey Dag checking out the camera and later being happy on the cousins' trampoline last month.)
And. It usually takes quite a while to get the little one to sleep in the evening; it's a long process. When he finally does sleep, and when Eddi sleeps to, that's when I do most of my work and internetting (it's a really healthy lifestyle yes I know). And then I goddamit I browse pictures for the blog, start looking at the photos of Dag I've taken and sniff over how cuuute he is. And then I just want to wake him up and snuggle him...

Oh my. Motherhood.