Well, here it is, the best time of the year: summertime!
Hard to believe that a mere two months ago we still had heaps of snow. But then again, this year spring was late and very short, and it is warmer than normal for this time of year (we've had over +25 for almost a week now).

We went out to the countryside after work to do some of the 10,000 things that need to be done there.

The neighbor's cows are out now. Summer.

So are the labs of the farm.

Eddi and Dag chillign out by the lambs.

I have lots of work to do at the computer, and lots of gardening to attend to. After complaining about all dead branches I started seeing everywhere, Eddi gave me a cutter for our anniversary. Now I see even more of those branches and have been running around cutting them here and there, making piles everywhere. But I'm taking some time to take it easy in the sun too.

I'm no garden pro as you know but this little spot of mint I've managed to keep real clean and tidy. I've planted sunflowers behind the mint. No sign of them yet though.

Although bit further away there's an old herbgarden totally overgrown with mint doing very well all by itself...

The herb garden is on the foundation of an old house. I should try to fix it up some times with something more than just mint. There are wild strawberries growing by the foot. Propably the best tasting berry there is, and the one that grows in the smallest quantities...

I picked some mint for smoothies and such.

Husband and friend made themselves this hipster bbq smoker grill of and old barrel.

And I gathered some rhubarb. Last year I gave away shit loads of rhubarb because as you know no joy is greater than the joy of giving.

This year however I will settle for the next best thing, which will be shitloads of rhubarb for myself. Time to start jamming soon!

But for now I made a rhubarb pie. A crumble one, like the one found here from last year, but this time a version 2.0; just oats, coconut palm sugar and coconut oil. (Also note that all cooking is more enjoyable when complimented by a glass of red.)

The pie turned out really good, tasting just as unhealthy as with butter and regular sugar. Hehe. But breakfast worthy nutritionwise! Almost at least :)

Meanwhile husband was testing out his new grill.

I went out and took some greens for our salad.

Ground elder (or biship's plant) is another utilityplant gone weed (like nettles). You eat the leaves when they are young and still a bit shiny. This one grows pretty much everywhere. Makes a good green-add to smoothies too btw.

We all had a late night supper (ten-something) out in the green. The pale scandinavian evenings allows for that...