I put together a forties inspired outfit of some of the old stuff I've bought to the countryside to wear around grass, dust and garden. As most people, I generally have a (very small) different wardrobe for just haning around out there. But sometimes it's nice to also make those just-hanging-around-the-garden-and-cooking-rhubarb-jam-days cute, by brushing out that whatever-ponytail into a nicer do. And then you can take a break from whatever it is that you were doing and go pose by an apple tree for a while.

The linen shorts are old from Indiska (they became countryside-wear since linen gets so damn wrinkly in an instant...) and the clogs are Moheda. The knit is some decade old H&M. Sometimes today's high street wear can last a long time too.

(And we'll actually have some people over soon, so brushing out my hair turned out to be not just for my own vanity this time.)