(Here's the baby as part of the outfit once again as it needed a dash of colour. You gotta do what you gotta do.)

Yesterday I kept a lecture on vintage inspired styles and styling. My thesis being, as you may know from here, that you can do very much with very little; manage to add a flair of certain styles or eras wearing pretty much anything as long as you acessorize it right; it is how you wear it and what you wear it with. Do note that dressing inspired by something is not the same thing as dressing up to something; it is not re-creating an outfit form a certain era, just playing with the vibes from it.

I planned to demonstrate this subtly during my talk by changing a few details in my outfit, which I wanted to be rather neutral, both retro and timeless, for it to work. But as I went on babbling I kind of forgot to do it properly and on time.
So I will go for it here instead - sort of 20'ish onwards! Five minutes, five more looks:
There you have it, easy as whoah!

The blouse and skirt are both from Tara Starlet. I folded the waist band down in half as it rises too high to look good on me.

And no, my child is not really in the pic just to balance out the soft shades with his red suit. But it sounded like a more fun and less shouty of a reason didn't it?