I got myself a set of old movie theatre chairs.

As I've only ever lived in flats and apartments before (or, a townhouse when at home with my parents) I never really was able to buy interesting furniture unless absolutely neede; not being able to have them lying around waiting for the right moment and right place. Or sure, I've stuffed a vintage make up table in the hallway of my old studio apartement and squeezed in a chair here and a lamp there, but with a few square meters there has always been practical limitations. And some sense from my behalf too. But the countryhouse can take in a lot, and already has from former generations! (I mean who needs three big cupboards in one room? Btw that will change, soon.)

So, I saw these old movie theatre seats for sale in an online antique store and had to get them just because, well - how often are you able to buy old movie seats? Not sure what their exact duty and placement will be; if not for when we get a tv they  might find their way to the porch we're about to re-build. As they are not only fun but practical; they take up small space with the seats folded up.

If interested there are still some seats for sale at Lundagård.