This dress has been hanging around the clothes rack for some time (it's a Trashy Diva day dress from some years back) - lots of the items I have been hard to wear due to nursing, but now that Dag is older I am cutting down on the breast feeding which gives me a lot of my wardrobe back. (Plus it's amazing what you can manage squeeze your boobs out of anyway, come the need.)

But, fine dresses and small children. As all of you know I have a little one at home and so I have also had the question of how I dare to wear my dresses around the house and all it's kiddy-goo?

Well, first of all - cothes are made to be worn and my biggest complaint here seem to be the one that I don't manage to do so; wear all of the items I collect. But second, I'm not totally impractical and vain in the sense that I don't wear my 100e+ dresses that much around the house, unless I am going somewhere or in between destinations. But, when I do, there's a very simple solution: aprons. Which actually have been made to protect our clothes and are also meant to be worn and not just hang in the cupboard (something I realizes at one point when opening up that cupboard). So, up with the hair, on with the apron, and one with the mess!

To demonstrate this is a photo that my camera suitably just happened to snap of an actual totally not-staged kitchen cleaning situation.