...which could refer to whatever, really, warmer jackets and peppermint tea, Halloween playlists or the fact that it's only a mere eleven weeks 'til Christmas, but, what I am referring to is the time when not only I get older, but also the blog.

So, last week I got yet a year more in my book which at this point really is just all the same. But the Freelancer's Fashion Blog turned five years; that means I have now started my sixth year of blogging. That's something of a whoah! I think, especially since I know some of you have been reading along pretty much since the start.

Even though everything here is rather well selected I still scroll back myself sometimes, as the blog works as some sort of a diary. Not the posts per se, but I remember what was going on when posting what I did at the time. Quite much can happen in five years...

My first post was about my 26-year birthday party. In 2007. And do you know how old two-thousand-and-seven sounds? Funny how ninety-something seems like not that far, at least not almmost twenty years ago, when 2007 again feels pretty much the same. Sort of.

For the first year I pretty much only did drawings for the blog, mostly of outfits. The idea was also to keep it anonymous but then the whole thing developed into something more personal and totally different.  In any case I think it takes about a year or two for a blog, any blog really,  to develop it's style, as well hen it comes to the actual content and style of posting as pictures.

In the beginning it was mostly about hair and clothes, as were most blogs (I knew of) back then I think. From a clothing point of view I find it interesting how my own style has maybe "toned down" a bit, I feel it's more simple and classic now than a few years ago - but then I scrolled back myself and noticed it was still pretty much the same. I just had more flowers and bows in my hair I guess. And man did I look different as a blonde, now looking back! I know many of you come here for the outfits so here's a super concentrated totally random recap of the past five years in clothes.




(That double-me-double-cats photo was the first photo I ever posted of myself in March 2008.
And as you can see I, as many other bloggers, got a better and yet a better camera once I got started...
At some point I might upgrade it a bit still, we'll see.)

I have also moved a few time since Day 1; I've been blogging from three homes. Or, three and a half, sort of. At first I lived with J in a flat in the city.

Then I moved to my own flat a couple of blocks further.

Two years ago we moved with Eddi to more suburb areas.

And I started keeping a second home at the farm.

And then I got married and had a kid and started doing burlesque for real and lots of other things but you know all that already. And btw now you can also vote for me. It you live in Espoo, that is. 267!

So that's it. Let's see where we are five years from now?