It's Dag's first birthday today, my little baby is one year old!
Or; he is not even a baby any longer, but a toddler.

Oh my. Time really does fly.

People always say to cherish those baby moths as they go by so fast. When Dag was a little caterpillar curled up in my lap I was secretly just waiting for him to get bigger; in the beginning I was sort of afraid I'd break him or that he'd die at any moment. But now I see small babies around town and think about how tiny they are and almost start missing the baby stage already. Otherwise it's much greater now , getting better and better- even though Dag was quite receptive as a little baby too it is still so different; it's fun haning out together! 

There is also much talk about how you grow into parenthood and how you worry about being a good enough parent, which always annoyed me. I don't spend too much time philosophizing about my role per se, but it is true that you change in certain ways and also sometimes get guilty thoughts (like, I wish he'd sleep already so I can blog.  And then you feel bad for thinking so. For example :). And I of course feel more securein my role as a mother and a parent day by day; naturally. 

Happy Birthday Dag!