I have a pair of red shoes I bought from H&M without much though  some six-seven years ago for 19,90 which, after a rather painful blister-full debut during a weekend in Budapest surprisingly turned into the comfiest and most wearable shoes in the world. After which they have, apart from walked around in numerous cities here and there, been chewed upon by both cats and dogs and had their share of sudden rains and unexpected escapades trough muddy fields. And so on.

I bought them to the cobbler's once to try and have them saved and he went "Ah, red shoes", in a familiar voice. "They always seem to be the most precious ones". These were perhaps not my most precious ones per se, but definitely the most trustworthy. And now they are falling apart to the point I believe it's time to give them up. Luckily I happened to come over another pair of reds that could possibly turn into the new most comfiest and most wearable shoes in the world. Not as nice a model as the previous ones and in a less dirt-friendly material (canvas compared to pleather) but a pair I propably should buy an extra set of for future all-the-time use and where-ever walks...

The new ones are plain DinSko shoes (for 24,90).