When you blog you sort of make a product, or create an image of yourself and your life, choosing to show some things and leave others out.  Personal things of course, but also when it comes to details. Being selective does not mean that you make things up (well some do perhaps), but all things are not always like they seem. Or, sure they are, but there's always another side to it. Posting a picture of a nice stilleben in the kitchen with some dirty dishes magically cropped away from the photo is not necessarily faking it, it's just choosing to show a prettier side of the mundane. Or say a more fun, or interesting, or witty side, depending on the take of it. Perhaps you choose to show the dishes too sometimes, but then you manage to take a photo from just the right angle of the best cups and make that pile of dishes look fab. Either way they are still there to be washed in real life. Few people strut around in floral dresses eating cake in the sunshine all day, but the image of that is perhaps nicer than the one of someone getting down on their knees for the n:th time to pick up bread crumbs and goo off the floor (or filling the dishwasher with that pile). However, the knowledge of that that happens too, in addition to the strutting, can be a good add to the whole package. At least I think it's good to remember.

Sunday for example - I did get breakfast in bed but as Eddi had to go out and work in the field for most of the day (it's that time of the year) I was the one to clean up after it, and the breakfast of the others too (that how it usually is, isn't it, the kitchen a mess after a nice surprise, it's almost mandatory?).
And moments before the little one was sleeping peacefully like in the pictures he had done this for example:

With all rolls.
Later he tripped over on his little kick-mobile and burst both lip and nose. (Sniff!)

Also the porch behind my legs and cats looks like this for the moment...

And some of my newly planted plants are dead by now.