At this point of the year I always get the urge to plant around - also before I had a garden - put seeds here and there and fix up the lucky plants that have made it trough the winter with me. For a while forget that my nails are more red than my thumbs are green. Not that I am totally impossible with plants (I guess I have learned something along the way) but mainly I don't really know what I'm doing, not that much more than what a google search can give me after briefly remembering something inspiring read in a magazine, sort of.

I've mad a few day trips to the countryside managing the greens there.

 And some things are growing and doing rather well in my mini greenhouse I have in the kitchen. Wooh!

Pelargoniums, replanted. They will go on the porch once I get it cleaned up (hahaha "I". Eddi will so be the one to do it, the rough part at least) from renovatoion stuff, and to the balcony in the city. I'm thinking of painting some of the clay pots with milk paint, as I am curious to try it.

 Meanwhile Dag was chilling in his leder hoser trompe l'oeil outfit. It deserved a photo before he outgrows it.

 I almost got some stuff done outside too (here's the part where I just go on and do something dum-dee-dum
But most of the time I was running after this one here, digging dirt and rocks and what nots out of his mouth.