Even though most of my dresses hang right in front of me to see every day I still forget some of them are there, or, rather; that they actually are wearable. I thought I was tired of this dress and thus haven't worn it for  many many years -  but what the hell it's actually pretty damn nice (I was in love with the thought of it for almost a year before buying) and it is a rather every day-day dress; made of light but still sturdy cotton.

It has a slip in the same color to wear underneath butI think it's more fun to wear it with something contrasting, or matching instead.  Sot this here is kind of a two-in-one not only when it comes to layering dresses but also to remembering; the turquoise green vintage dress underneath had been hiding in the closet for a long time too  - I got it and wore it during my late pregnancy. (But it's not a maternity dress really. It's a very comfy one so it will get to come out some more and play too) . First I thought of leaving it unbuttoned in the front not to show  but when buttoned it adds this strange extra detail to the neck lining which I actually like.

I was wearing these heels when Elvis walked me down the aisle in Vegas almost two years ago. I don't think I've worn them after my trip so they too do deserve to come out and enjoy the sun a little bit now!