Today was the first annual international Leopard Day! Or to be more precise, Leopard Print Day, when wearing leopard print is mandatory. So out of the closet with my Trashy Diva leo coat and dito heels, and out to meet a bunch of other leopard ladies. (When I told Eddi about it I could sense a slight feeling of relief from his behalf of being on the other side of the world, not having to come join or pop by or something similar "Oh, leopard print meeting? Alright..") Being a crazy leopard lady I forced a patterned scarf on my poor child too, hehe, who suitably already had a leo balloon still from the festivities earlier this week.
All in all, being a ridiculous bit ridiculous every now and then, for example in the form of going all crazy animal-print-cat-lady en masse, is for the better I think.

I dragged my whole camera bag along but the event not really being baby friendly; Friday evening and at a bar, we just popped by for a while with Dag and in the end, as usual, I ended up only taking a few shots with my phone, leaving the camera bag alone... (The photo of the leo-dresses is snatched from Bettie Blackheart.)