I set out to pick some nettles in the countryside garden!

I've intended to pick nettles to use in cooking forever - as most of you probably know the nettle is a very healthy plant, although it is considered a weed and not a utility plant - but always missed out on doing so at the right time of year.

Nettles should be picked when they carry new and fresh leave buds. I used only the top leaves of the plant.

 The rest of the plants I lay to soak in water; nettle-water makes a great natural fertilizer for you garden.

I made pesto of my nettles. After parbloiling the nettles I mixed them with what you'd more or less use for your regular basil pesto too; I made mine with sunflower seeds, a few almonds, garlic and of course olive oil.

 Gave it all a go in the mixer and put in a jar.

And had it with pasta and zucchini later in the evening. The nettle pesto is a rather milde in taste so I threw in some capers and sundried tomato nibs too to top it of. Noms.

(Btw I'm not the only one who was totally mindfucked by this about a decade ago am I? I can't help but recall it whenever I hear the word "nettle". Excellent choice to watch a few episodes if you can't sleep at night, ehrm...