Every time the first really warm days hits us it's like a huge weight falling from my heart; the recognition that this is what it can feel like outside! Soft and warm. (I decided it is not allowed to get under +20 before mid September, mmmkay?)

So we went on a sunny stroll with Dag, heading to one of the many big parks here in Tapiola.

We landed among lots and lots of green.
Hard to believe that it a little more than a month ago looked like this. (Spring is always the shortest season here...this year we barely had one .)

Dag is still a bit overwhelmed to be directly on the ground, carefully trying everything out. (And that 'everything' usually ends up in his mouth.) But he always sits the first minutes still just touching the grass.

We had a little picnic with cookies, baby crackers and cantaloupe.

Nom nom.
(Not as blissful and calm as I had imagined this though, I had cantaloupe goo all over my straw mat in an instance.)

Taking it easy.

Then we walked home beneath the cherry trees in bloom.