You may remember my pinafore skirt from Vivien of Holloway?
 It's a piece of clothing I love; it's comfy and sits well, but I haven't really gotten around wearing it that much. And I know the reason: it is too red, which makes it hard to wear together with most other stuff you need to wear over here the biggest part of the year.

Instead of letting it go I decided to color it - a risk, especially if the label says hand wash, but if the result turns out good (which is kind of 50/50) it can save the item. I decided to go for dark brown which should work on red (as in opposite of blue for example, resulting in violet, etc). And brown goes well with everything, even better than black! Dark brown even goes better with black than black goes with brown, sort of.

Well it didn't exactly turn out that dark brown. Or brown at all.

The fabric is 100% cotton which should take on color real well, but I take it that the thread is coated somewhow. So now it's kind of a "woven" dark red.

Which is not all that bad actually.

(Dag wanted to be in the pic. Hello!)

The fabric took on a sort of vintage texture which looks very nice. And it did turn out more wearable!

Then I noticed  suspenders like this are not the most practical in mom-baby world, easily grabbable and pullable and so on, but that's another story.