I've been so busy with practically everything during the past year and also concentrating on the fix-ups in the country house so much I tend to forget my actual home in the city is pretty damn nice too. (At least under the mess of papers and clothing that is covering most of it...)

Here I spend most time in the kitchen, with Dag, and -apart from that mint green thing you know- I am most happy with the 50's styled cabinet shelf we had made by a carpenter. I just made a drawing with so-so measurements and he built the piece based on that, then we painted it ourselves with linseed paint.

It's easy to think anyting custom made is much more expensive than store-ordered but that is not always the case;  I was inspired by the similar cabinet shelf from Kvänum but that would have been two or three times as expensive as this turned out... Pretty much everything we are doing in the farm house is being built on place too. Which we will get back to later.