I am - apparently, as I have noticed one too many times - the kind of person who simply cannot store anything in a place that needs more effort than to open one door, max, to be remembered. Anything I put in the basement kind of goes there to die. This means it gets pretty crowded at home. Or that I have too much stuff, but then again we all have. (First world club meeting again, gather up in line!)

Well the point here being that if I tuck away clothes somewhere to wait for their right season to come I most likely will never see them again. Unless I stumble upon them by chance. And so I did with this pleated wool skirt, which I had put in a storage coffin sometime last summer or when I was pregnant. It is the second time I discover it already; as it as part of a suit that I had forgotten I had (which jacket I use all the time during the other seasons) and discovered a couple of years back... Good for me, this was put into action instantly.

The skirt is vintage; my grandmother's old, the rest is old stuff, high street.