How much I do and how much I like to do in the kitchen varies - enthusiasm comes and goes.  I have always been the kind of person to go between having all my meals preferably out, or aiming for the title of domestic godess. Or going experimental vegan home chef. Either way and nonetheless, I love food. Man, food is great! Not to mention carbs! (Here's where I'd add a bit heart emoticon if I'd be into that and they'd be easily available here in blogger. Carbs! Pasta and bread and cakes! Plus wine. Once we're at it with the I heart-stuff.)

Since Dag was born I have been home in a different manner than before; I have been spending more time at the house (uuumm yes, duh!), as in opposite from  working strange shifts. Or well, strange shifts away from home, away from the kitchen. The "working hours" with a small baby at home being rather strange too.  But this means I have been cooking more again. Partly because I have been at home, partly because I have been able to concentrate on what I eat, and partly because it is not only more sustainable but also more affordable with more home cooking. 

Home made bread has always been a special luxury for me, and it is one of the things I rather seldom put myself up to. But as I discovered the un-kneaded pot baked version I have been making weekly batches! It is so amazingly easy to make and turns out super pro! Win-win-win all the way!

You just mix all you need (about two parts flour and one part water with salt and yeast plus whatever you may want to flavor your bread with) together the night before and leave the dough to set, then bake it in anything with a lid the day after. You can be a total fuck up in the kitchen and get away with this for sure.

There are may recipies out there, this one HERE is a good one for example. Just remember that if you like me bake with other flours (as in not with wheat)  you might need a little more water for the dough, and let it set long enough.

The bread I've baked here is on rye and spelt with linen seeds from the farm, and dried cranberries.