My favorite salad for the moment is one with lettuce, China cabbage, avocado, carrots, fresh coriander and asian basil, with peanuts and fried tofu on top. Had some fine chopped celery in there the other day too. But the most important is the sauce, which I make of soy sauce, rice vinegar and some lime juice. I have it as it is or then roll the ingredients in a lettuce leaf. Or, of course, the best thing is to make a vietnamese roll out of it if you have some rice paper around. 

Seriously, I start drooling just by the thought of this.

Sliced pressed dates with peanut butter on top! I use those eco peanit butters with peanuts and some fancy smanschy salt only, no extra oils or such. I have this for breakfast with a smoothie, but it works like a snack as well; sort of like a snickers! You can make it even more of  a Snickers bar with some raw (or dark) malted chocolate in between, or some cocoa nibs on top!

I tried out some aubergine-olive "meat"-balls today with a recipe from Jolie. Only I put in some kidney beans too, as I did not have enough of the eggplant. It made them a bit drier perhaps but very good nonetheless.

Green suppa-duppa smoothie! With apple juice, fresh coriander (my favorite herb...), fresh ginger, cucumber, frozen pineapple and a little spirulina. I'm a smoothie freak you know.