To balance up all the healthy things I baked some Runeberg's cakes. They are moist cakes with almond (and some cardamom) with jam in the middle, named after our national herald Johan Ludvig Runeberg (or, actually, after his wife Fredrika). The real shape of the pastry is high and cylindar but I don't have molds for that so I made them in cupcake molds, works just as well.

You only get these -or make them- around this time of the year, as the Runeberg day is February 5th. Which is insane as they taste so good. I always try to eat trough all bakeries variations, hehe, although this year I only went for the home made ones.

There's  actually a bunch of food and baking you "may" only have once a year. While enjoying gingerbreads in June for example would feel a bit off but I think I am going to break the etiquette and make more of these just whenever. Or if not then a raw-verision, which recipe I have been playing with in my head.