The tax return money came and I went out to buy winterboots yesterday.
This is what happened!

Could have been worse.

Somebody commented on post of mine that she found it hard finding good shoes, there was always sone little detail wrong. Unfortunately not with me, I find perfect shoes in just the rigth shapes all of the time. These for example are so chunky! and wonderfully chubby somehow. Goddamit, I am living one big shoegazm!

Someone also may recall me saying something about having a hard time wearing all of my heels and these are not exactly blizzard-weather prrof, no. But, you see, there's this thing with black items. When you find something perfect and black, you must go for it. Especially if they are high heels that are super comfy on.

Plus I though the world was about to end yesterday anyway. So one more pair before we all go!
But apparenty the world won't end until next week.

(I got the shoes from Stockmann's. They also have them in red. Mmmmm....)