I think it's rather seldom with new-bought clothing that an item would last for over a decade if being in use sort of regularly, but I have a cardigan that I have had for so many years it surprises me every time I think about it; I bought it in the late nineties when I was sixteen or seventeen. What also surprises me is that I still fit it!

120 FIM at the time it was very expensive, but the twenty euros it equals today isn't really "anything". (Although, many things cost the same in marks as they do now in euros, I remember paying two marks for a coffee in the past millennium. Nowadays you hardly get a cup for a two euro coin... )

 But anyway, was well worth the marks and pennies; here it still is!

Thinking about it I remember this cardigan also went missing for some time back then, I was seraching for it like crazy and kept asking my younger sisters if they had borrowed it, but they hadn't and I didn't have a clue where I could have left it. The mystery knit, totally X-fioles (which is also a totally nineties thing. Mulder,). A year later or two it was found in a box under my sister's bed; turns out she had borrowed it after all but was afraid to be caught lying and had tried to get rid of the evidence. Sort of. Teenage logics. Haha! I wonder if she remembers this one...

The dress under the knit is Trashy Diva, but that's for another post.
And here's me and Dag. Bye!