Small unexpected "I had forgotten this existed"- surprises are always nice; it's COLD here now and I took out my Winter Jacket and  noticed the cherry brooch I had hung on it's collar. It's from Frollein von Sofa. I lost a cherry and half of a leaf last year but it's still cute n' kicking.

 I am totally terrible when it comes to getting certain things done; two years in a row I have had a bunch of blank Christmas cards and a bad consciousness as I have failed to send them in time, thinking I'd make them New Years' cards instead, or, alright, epiphany such, until the whole season is over and those damn cards are still on my table. This year the Finnish Mail offered me, as a blogger, the chance to get a set of custom stamps with the photo of my choice. So maybe these Dag stamps will be the kick in the behind I need to actually send some cards this year.
(You can order your own custom stamps here. For Finland only, of course.)

 I am not exactly a huge consumer of sentenced candles; (I'm not sure if I've ever bought any actually?) but today I bought a set of cinnamon and linen scented candles. Christmas, you know...
As you've seen before I think it's nice to put candles in different pots and pans; Mariskooli glass bowls gives a nice light and pretty shadows. Tea cups work well too, and tin pasty molds for example.

The weeks Eddi's older boys are with us I have learned to mostly cook separate meals for myself. There is no way in the world I could make them eat this quinoa-curry soy bits-kale-lettuce-zucchini risotto with fresh and sun dried tomatoes! (More due to the list or "new" look of ingredients than the taste I've noticed.) But I highly enjoyed MY dinner :)