Time to decorate the Christmas tree!

 Only this year we did not get one -

I decided to decorate my little palm tree instead.

I also put my nails into Christmas mode. I got to try out nail stickers in a not that nice pattern but which functionally seemed like the solution to all fading nail polish problems, ever. So I ordered some sets in nice colours and, well, there was an hour of my life and a set of euros waisted, sadly. Looks like I went a little creative with the papers and tape while giftwrapping... *

But back to the tree : Ta-da, most tacky Christmas tree ever!

*) The nail stickers just look more like stickers than polish, and when filed down they still look like stickers someone tried to use a nail file on. I put some top coat on to make them more "thick" but it didn't help that much... works pretty alright when seen form afar though.These were form Nail Rock, the ones I tried earlier that worked better were Sally Hansen, only all their patterns were too, well, not for me.