While we were at it, upgrading Dag's bed,  we also changed our bed.
You may wonder why, and to what, as it looks pretty much the same as the old one.

I needed more storage space and wanted a bed that would fit storage boxes underneath. The previous bed had drawers of it's own but they were mostly the cats' domain; they tend to hide and sneak around in there so nothing that wasn't in need of a cat hair-bath could be stored in them.

We got the Leirvik bed from Ikea. It was a little too uu-ladi-da decorative for my taste so I bought it with the intention not to put it together all the way; we turned it the other way around as in footboard up and left the high curly part of the headboard out.

The holes intended to fasten the left-out part of the now-turned-footboard were easily filed with wall putty and painted over. And the whole footboard anyway covered with blankets and clothes and all sorts of stuff, immediately.