When Dag first arrived (you know, nice and neatly, bought by the stork. Haha) he slept in my father's old baby basket from the early fifties.

 Some time ago he outgrew it and we had to move him to a bigger crib.

Which also is my father's old one; the bambi bed that had been waiting for new babies in the woodshed  on the island.

It's the Bambi-bed because it has a bambi painted on it.

 It has some pink rabbit and crazy-happy squirrles on it too.
Funny thing is I was browsing an online vintage store and they happened to have this exact same bed!
I almost wanted it just because, but it was sold already.

Lil' mister minding his own business. 

 I got the black wooden cat at a flea market last spring.

Good night!

...for some of you out there. Not over here! This little fella will start shouting and craving for boob in 3, 2...