..if it isn't so that my winter boots have finally gone to rest!

La la la la la.
So it did happen, the extra snow we got  a couple of weeks back plus the nasty rain from a few days back did melt the winter away. It's like everyting suddenly jumped one month ahead, to how it should be by now; the streets are dry (which really is a feeling far more rejoiceful than you'd think if you live in a place where you never experience post-snow time...), the weather is warm(-er) and sunny, I can wear my heels again. Mmmmyes.

My skirt is vintage adn the cardigan is from h&m. I have some jojoba oil in my most of hair (it's good for the scalp if you have a dry one like me) so I made a twist in the back and a swirl in front and covered it with my scarf form BooBoo Kitty.