I have one.

And I had to try it right away! Or, we had to. We don't have  the right drain tubes for it yet nor electricity in the bathroom but we do have hot water. Mmmyes.

Dag probably peed in the water right away because that's what I would have done would I have been not-yet-ten-months old. But I didn't let the thought ruin my bath, it's not like a little baby pee on your skin would kill you. I mean they do use synthetic piss in some lotions out there did you know? (urea).  But well, mostly I had orange oil and cocoa butter in my water. Very nice.

If you wonder why I am so bananas about a tub it's because nobody has those around here anymore, unless you specifically put one in your bathroom when you renovate it, more or less. In newly built houses with enough space they put in small saunas instead, and in old they throw the tubs our when renovating the pipes, to fit such modern luxurities as a shower and washing machine instead (and, in some cases,  a small sauna too. Finns and saunas, you know. My sister could actually turn her shower cabinet in her pervious flat into a miniature sauna fitting one behind or two small ones at max.)
I actually can't remember when I had a bath  the last time!

(OK, I can it was when I was giving birth. That OBVIOUSLY does not count. And yes I do remember the other times too, they have been in hotel rooms. But the last time at home, my home? In 2002 in a flat I shared with a couple of guys. We had a tub for some time. Then they renovated the pipes and threw the tub out. )