My black floral dress has something of a cheongsam feel over it, which brings my thoughts to warm humid colonial nights, paper lanterns and the early thirties.

And behold, my decade long fear of long hems in day time use is over (after my arty-boho-hippie years; I had an overload back then) - it feels rather great on! Comfy and flowing.Wooh-yey! Must get some more. Also this dress is the kind of non-sweaty polyester, which is a plus.

I wore the dress with heels when inside but with a pair of low lace up boots and my beret for outside which actually felt rather casual. The dress is vintage seventies, from Hoochie Mama Jane.
The silk hair flower was a gift from Anastasia last year and the hair do a quick five minute one rescue; I had an oil mask in that did not quite wash out on the first try. And if someone want's to know the nail polish is Kure Bazaar's shade macaroon and lipstick Zuii's Sugarplum, both natural and organic.