Apparently I just am the kind of person that when I really -I mean really-  begin the task of organizing at home, and also should get on with those 522 unread emails in my inbox, start color-coordinating my dresses (and, taking photos of it...) 

Mmmmmmmh, dresses-

But then I sort of started "home-shopping", remembering this and that item in my wardrobe. Very useful. However, the hard truth and it's conclusion is that there is no need to buy any dress ever again!  Ever. (Ha ha!) Well except for green dresses; turns out I don't have any green ones - how did this happen? Nothing wrong with green. Must be corrected! (Ah, what a great feeling; relief).

Now let's just hope for a long and warm and very sunny summer and children that magically stop being messy so that I can actually wear every single one. (Can I get another HAHA?)