The last of April and first of May is one of the biggest celebrations during the year over here. The city is crazy packed with people in a party mode extraodrinaire. Balloons, pom poms, champagne and piss all over. By age I've started to skip the heavy partying the night before and mainly just go for the MayDay stuff.  And especially this year as we are on our own. So today we just went out with Dag to the countryside to do some gardening; attending my pelargoniums. I did however buy myself one cherry beer for the evening. (Party mode, you know. Really, when did I turn 65?) And I got Dag not only one but two balloons!

It's very windy so let's see if they last the park tomorrow.
Glada Vappen; have a fun May Day!

(And on another note, black beret week continues. The dress is vintage and the rest is old.)