These photos are from a summer trip to a nearby town we took when Dag was five weeks old. It was pretty much the only really hot day of summer last year.  It never made it into a post then though. Feels like forever ago... but then again I wonder how the hell it can be such a long time since that day already, and summer in general. Which only can mean it should be summer again in no time!

Before life goes all back to normal here again after the festivities, days off, munching, gift unwrapping and learning to write a number three at the end of dates instead of two I thought we'd throw in my annual best of-blog post giveaway!

So, what was your favorite post here of 2012?
Link it to me in the comments! You can of course also say why you liked it best.

The winner will receive a small surprise gift (which as usual is also a surprise to me at this point as I haven't come up with the price yet) and will be drawn randomly a week form now; on Thursday the 10th.

The competition is open to everyone, anywhere. But if you're not a follower at all and just pick out the first post here on the main page in order to win just whatever or promote you handbags or women's wholesale clothing or what you folks usually try to sneakily advertise miss Fortuna might have another round, just sayin'. Make sure you are reachable to me trough your comment. I say this every time and there's always someone with a hidden profile or anonymous comment... but then again, your loss in that case, someone else's lucky day :)