Was dusting off my make up table (guess how many times per month year I actually do  my make up by that table? Hah! Too few...) and spotted my pendants I have lying in a big sea shell.
I like to gather pretty things around me but once I place them out all nice to admire I tend to leave them as they are and forget to wear them. 

The enamel locket is from etsy, the gold bird locket has a no-longer-working-watch inside and is via ModCloth, and the camée clock was a gift from Ina. I've decided to try and get better wearing my jewelry (- I started last week already wearing a frame necklace I had forgotten about for the past years).

But jewelry is not the only thing forgotten in my little beauty corner. I have had a small ridiculous  collection of pretty lip balms too in a glass bowl just collecting dust... But the thing is, if I throw them away I will just start collecting some other things to be forgotten in that bowl. You know how it goes don't you? I refer to some things at home that look good in their placed positions but never leave that spot forced stillebens. That's what some of the cute jars and pretty tea cups on the shelf in the kitchen turn in to too...