So, it's a new year (again! aready!) and I have a new calendar hanging on my wall.
I'm always quite eager to choose a nice one -and I often get a nice one as a gift for Christmas, so did I this year - but then at then end of the year I notice it is still hanging on October or November...

My calendar for this year is the Come to Finland-calendar, which consists of vintage travel posters for Finland, re-made into a calendar. And you know I love old travel posters. I have the book from the same series with gathered postcards and posters (which I wrote about here).

Some of the posters for this year. Nice! Although the actual calendar part is of course not as nice as the one in the Fintage calendar (which I made. Heh.)

PS. here's a little alrighty-right then fact for you: 2013 is the first year since 1987 to have four different numbers in it. Alrighty right then!