I have a new scarf that works very well as the kind of belted shawl-cardigan that you've seen me do before. Which is quite practical in winter too, indoors. For outdoors I just fold the shawl/scarf up over the shoulders to fit under the jacket. 

AlthoughI didn't get his one just for fun; I lost my usual scarf that I wear for everythingwhile out on town. One minute there on the top of the pram while shopping (it's so damn hot inside the stores here you need to layer off a bit), the next gone. Sad. It was a very nice scarf. And as it was shit cold I had to get myself a new one immediately not to catch all kinds fevers and colds on my way home (at least i felt so). Which was harder than one would've thought as apparently the rest of the world want's those knitted tube-thingies only. But I got a bit luck in my misfortune and found this one in the end,  on discount as well. And to be honest it almost works better than the previous one for wrapping like this. But I'm still quite pissed about the fact that I lost the other one and probably because someone took it.

The skirt is the winter-one made by me, the boots and belt vintage and the shawl from Accessorize.

And yes I am outside in the snow without a jacket for a while here for no other apparent reason than the one that it would make more interesting blog pictures. A bit ridiculous when you think about it (especially since I said I needed to get a new scarf not to walk home from the bus without one and here I am outside with no jacket. Not that it's that cold at all anymore. It was totally alright). But then again I guess not that many would've thought about it unless I would have mentioned it. I always have to spoil things like this, heh.