I am now at the point of winter where anything clothes-related gets pretty boring, because it's all the same and just goes on and on, stockings here and extra tops there and blah blah. And on with the jacket and the boots and the mittens and scarves and so on. Although new for this year: dress the baby! And time it so he does not get too hot and start crying when it's your turn for a go, or, the if done the other way around; so that you don't get all sweaty in your gear when dressing that shouting little caterpillar. (Apparently my boy would prefer to be au naturel most of the time; it's such a big tragedy every time any clothing needs to be put on.)

Well anyway here's a winterish outfit; my grandmother's old cardigan, kintter top from Indiska and skirt made by myself. It would be pretty alright if one could actually go out just like this like you see in some old pictures, ice skating in just a knitted sweater, but, well, we all know that's not the case. Come again in later March or so!