One can ask onseself what the fuck (yes F) is going on here.

Well, the answer could appear to be simple; obviously, I am making myself a new dress. Inspired by one from Trashy Diva that I've admired long but did not allow myself to buy. My sister is getting married and I decided not to get myself anything new as I have plenty of fine summer dresses that have not been worn enough. But then again, if my sister's wedding is not the right moment to get a new dress, then when is? Surely she deserves that, ehrm. (Yes she and ehr wedding, a new dress. I am totally not thinking of myself here now.) And, as we have realized earlier on here, I do not have any green dresses. So corrected that shall be from now on.

But then again as I only have a few hundred other things pushing (and pushing and rushing badly) for the moment it does not seem like the most rational thing to start putting a fancy dress together. (But dress-issues seldom are that rational now are they.) The wedding is Saturday.  So I am not always sure what the hell it is that I am thinking. But so far so good and right now I am elsewhere but thinking this dress will be done by midnight! (Or well it has to as I am elsewhere tomorrow too. Positive thinking!)

This one is stretchy (oh yes) and will of course come with -ta daa- pockets! And something for the bust section too, as I don't intend to goo all ancient Cretan at the wedding.