Bring it on!-autumn, part one.

Well you know, the change of season is just around the doorstep and soon everyone will be blogging autumn this and autumn that. Well, except for those blogging from down under who will go on about spring. Feeling wise spring is bigger for me -the clod and dark finally being over- but when it comes to the material side it's all about autumn, preparing oneself for what is to come by stocking up; warm items, warm colors, a new range. 

Going trough my closet I noticed any practical mid season shoe I had was worn out or in a desperate need to see a cobbler. I sometimes have issues pairing certain clothing with suitable shoes during the colder season; the fuller the hem the less good they (in my opinion) look with anything else than heels (or ballerinas) -wearing boots with circle skirts for example most often just makes me feel like I'm on my way to sing at a rodeo or so (nothing wrong with that would that actually be the case). But other suitable options often gives me rather heavy granny-vibes. Which will have to do in this case.

We still have summer, sunshine and above twenty plus for now, but I stumbled across a pair of purple walking shoes at the supermarket and got them now already, deciding they'll help me and certain skirts trough autumn

...But a pair of rubber boots wouldn't of course hurt either...