As you may recall we spent a great deal of the early summer painting and fixing the int living- and dining room at the farm house. As we did not have a chance to renew the floor we cleaned it up and painted over it. (One of) the problem(s) was always that there were so many different shades of wood in the rooms that did not go well together, but now all frames and boards are in white which calms the rest down.

Here's how it looked back in, hmmm, lets see: 2010, 2011 (did some re-arranging) and up to last year when I bought some new furninture from an antique market:

The whole winter and a great part of the spring it looked like this while we were renovating...

And here's how it looks now!
We're not quite there yet,  but you can do such a big difference with just paint:
As with all the other rooms, one day I will paint the windows their original white too. It's such a big job (and has to be done in summer time) that I just try and close my eyes to the difference now. Will get some curtains to help until then.

Another way of spicing up a room that you can't renew properly is to put in lots of plants. Green it up!

I think it was Eddi's grandfather who made this small violin.

A lighter floor makes such a big difference! Much of the furniture belongs to the house, so we've re-arranged them a bit and tried to make the best of them. All furniture and lighting in the living room are vintage. As noone needs thee big cup boards or cabinets (!) in one room we put some away to be put int he study, once we get that cleaned up.

 (I might have mentioned it before, that we can still put some things away and so on, but the bigger house that Eddi's brother and family lives in has some rooms that are basically not allowed to change;  that has looked the same always. It's quite nice, with old items and such, but it's also not that easy when making a home.)

My Chinese lamp I got from an auction last year now stands on the old Singer sewing machine table that we put in the dining room. Serves as a serving table too.

There's a new set of flowers in my tube collection.

The rather heavy furniture that was in the dining room also feels a little bit lighter now with the lighter frames of the room and the lighter base to stand on, and also with the new fabric I put on the chairs.

And Dag says hello!