I popped by the re-launch of Kokomo tonight and all the Tiki drinks were free. Free tiki drinks! I could however not enjoy myself any complimentary tropical alcoholic beverages as I was also doing a show. You can't always have everything I guess. Not even when it comes to tiki drinks (damn it).

This is the autumn version of dressing "tropical"; if it's too cold for bare legs or very thin tights it's best just to add a big splash of colour all over.

The dress is Trashy Diva, the necklace a leftover from my hippiedays I bought the summer I was in Bali and yes, you must have noticed, the bag matches my fridge which means it is m i n t  g r e e n.
(There's lots of mint green in the shops right now. Almost too much. It was hard to believe it would ever come to this.)

Oh, and a little PS. here at the end;
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