I am getting ready for premiering my new number tomorrow (in other words, have been dead busy as usual, this time with a baby by my side too. Phew.) at the Finish Burlesque Gala. Which is sold out. So if you missed out on the tickets and thus didn't manage to get your October dose of burlesque, of if you just cant get enough, or if Tampere is more convenient for you than Helsinki there is another superb event next week: the second annual Horror & Tease Show!

Just as last year,  I did the poster for Miss Olivia Rouge's Halloween burlesque party spectacle.
And just like then, I will get paid in clothes now too. Obviously I'd be ruined if I did all my works like this but then again I buy quite many dresses with the money I earn anyway so in this case it's just cutting out the middle man. Hahaha.

Last year I was performing and the Bitties too but this year there won't be any Horror& Tease for me neither on stage nor as a spactator; too far away for me. (Or, for Dag actually, to be precise). But among many other one gets to see Anna Fur Laxis on stage instad and she is one of my absolute favorites, ever! I mean I saw her to this in Vegas for example:

The event is a week form now; next Saturday. That would be the 27th.
Get your advance tickets from the Olivia Rouge Shop in Tampere.

And once we're at it; let's throw in a little speedy give away too! One of you will have the chance to win a pair of tickets (your names on the list) for the event. You have time until Tuesday Oct.23 to enter; I will announce the winner then! Leave a comment on this post letting me know your in for the competition. And as usual, make sure you are reachable to me.