Dag was sent a gift from Pin Up Garage- a set of their ecological Amalie B. towels with his name  embroidered on them. (And with an anchor to go along, which of course is very suitable for a harbour worker's son!)

The manufacturing of the towels is eco all the way; from production to packing. They are made from ecological cotton and couloured with  ecological colours, manufactured a part from other chemically treated textiles, to stay as pure as possible. Suitable for small and sensitive persons! And everyone else of course too.

An embroidered towel is actually a pretty smart gift for someone's little one, to differ from the usual socks, bodies and teddybears. ( fact we'd need such for the rest of the family too; I freak out -as in get pissed off- if someone uses MY towel. And leaves it on the bed/floor/somewhere in a moist pile as many young boys and husbands tend to do...)