I deliberately left out the words raw and vegan from the post. Or, sugarfree,  not to scare anyone away...

As I've said before, I love myself a chunky sandwich, creamy pasta and a heavy cake or just anything with chocolate, but I like to balance it up with very healthly foods as well; especially now after my pregnancy. And as you  may have noticed, it has been less cake and more raw food lately. But then again now I'm only three kilos away from where I was one year ago. As I have an incredible sweet tooth I am highly enjoying the fact that you can enjoy just as good sweets as the ones with sugar and butter also without those.

I've always been a huge fan of dried dates and figs. Dates are also the ones mostly used as sweetener and consistence-maker in raw sweets. Figs work very well too!

For the fudge you'll need:
6 dried, moist figs.
3,5 dl natural cashew nuts
1 tbl spoon cocoa powder
1 tbl spoon honey
vanilla powder (natural, ground vanilla powder; not vanilla sugar)

If the figs are very dry you'll need to soak the in water for an hour or two. Then just mix everything together into a nice chunky paste. Form a square of it, or flatten it into a mold, then cover in plastic. Put into the fridge for a couple of hours.  Cut into smaller squares and you're done!