Here's an easy recipe that once started out as a thick smoothie that I then later started making thicker into a sort-of-yoghurt. Maybe one could call it rawgurt.
(Not sure how inviting that sounds though.)

You will need an avocado, (preferably) frozen berries of your choice - I have red wineberries from our garden- , soaked cashews and some fruit juice (I like apple best) or water. I also added a few strawberries that are missing form the pic.

I have a little less tha half a coffee cup of cashews and one coffee cup of berries.

The cashews should soak for a few hours or over night. Rinse them and put everything in a blender with a little liquid to start with and add some more as you mix, a little at a time so that the texture stays fir enogh.
(Almost impossible to get a nice picture of this stage)

Mix until rather smooth.

If the yoghurt feels too sour you can add something to sweeten it up - I added a soft date but a little bit of honey or coconut sugar etc will also do, or some sweet enough fruit.

Enjoy as it is or with seeds or granola on top, or served with fruits.

Next I think I'm going to start trying out chia seeds in puddings and fresh porridges! I've only had them in snack bars so far.

Edit: all berries we have here are rather sour. Well I suppose most berries in general are sour with a high acidity (or so). If you however use very sweet stuff you might wang to add a little dash of lemon or lime to get they "youghurty" sour feel to it!