Well hello there from the sunshine!

This time blog-posing in repro items in a fifties casual style - a cropped top from Freddies of Pinewood and capris form Vivien of Holloway.

The capris are great because they are quite loose in fit, but still goes well with heels. I was meaning meaning to get a pair of these forever and could finally tick that of my list last winter although I haven't really got around wearing them until now.

My top, which I love,  is a size XL. And I have no idea how anyone normally built fits into the smaller  sizes- I once got a couple of Freddie's tees on sale in M, which usually is my size. They were too small for my ribcage and incredibly short on (yes I know they are meant for high waisted garments but they were still a bit too short) so I set out to get a top in size large. L was out of stock for this one so I opted for XL thinking I'd need to take it in but no need for that, any smaller and it wouldn't be wearable!

 Dag was wearing a t-shirt with tractors.

By the way.
I want (and this time also need) to get a pair of blue jeans for hanging out with Dag in the park and such. I sold my Vivien ones as they were too big and they are now out of stock in my actual size, so I am thinking of going for Freddie's instead. The sizing info on their page is pretty clear but I still don't think any of the sizes seem suitable to me (my waist just won't go back to it's pre-pregnancy measurement but clings on to it's +5 cm, while my hips is are their old big happy self..). It's also hard to choose a cut from the internet without the possibility to try the pair on first. Any suggestions on those, the Freddies ones, or others?