...and keeping my feet warm and posing in and all such other necessities.

I have sort of re-found boots. After many autumns and winters of many boots I had a time when I somehow found it hard to wear and pair them, as boots in general do not go that well with the styles of forties and fifties fashion. So I got a bit stuck on that and didn't want to mess styles up. But there are of course no rules of what to wear and what to combine and, style goes back and forth and develops all the time; I have less long and wide hems for the moment, plus I have also notice I have become a bit more practical with time*. So I got over it and the boots are back so to say!

Last year I dug out my cognac colored heeled ones and they have been walking me around a lot since. This fall I got myself a pair of grey blue suede boots online that went back once and now finally arrived in a one size smaller version. Yey.

*(Yes yes, some people would think of sneakers or something else when saying they got practical shoes but we have to remember who we are dealing with her. And these are in fact rather comfy aand not that high, but naah yes I know, the playground and sand box on a rainy days will require something else. Good thing I still have my old workwear boots borrowed from the harbour around!)

The boots are Pier One / Zalando and the bag is from Accessorize, the latest one in my quest for that perfect day bag. But that quest is for another time to go on about.