At some point of my adult life I got over that basic Finnish thing "thou shall only have one winter jacket" and realised that since it's basically cold half of the time over here, it's probably alright to have a couple of alternatives to wear for those months, instead of just one...

So for this autumn -and winter, and may more to come- I got myself a new coat that I stumbled over kind of by accident. Suitably it got quite cold just after that and now that it's warmer again I'm still wearing it (and almost sweating. But it's better to be too hot than too cold. Wisdoms of life). You now how it sort of feels weird to go back, once you've taken the warmer stuff out?

It has a really big collar to hide in for when it gets really cold. Which is good. Sticking your head into warm things when it's cold is good.

The coat is from Halonen.